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Principal BCCG visits Thalassemia Patients

  • 10/29/2021

Principal BCCG along with the team of four teachers visited Thalassaemia Patients Welfare Society Nawabshah, where all the thal stars (thalassemia patients) are provided 100% free blood transfusion as well as free quality medical care on the special invitation of Mr. Sadiq Sial, Secretary TPWS and Gh. Nabi Channa, Join Secretary TPWS on 28th October,2021.

The team of TPWS warmly welcomed Principal BCCG and the teachers with beautiful bouquets. During the detailed visit, the Bakhtawrians witnessed and being briefed that all the thal stars are for sure being provided very good care. Principal BCCG distributed food packets among the patients. He did not miss a single chance interacting with them to make their morale high and tried his level best encouraging them to fight with this deadly disease. He also cut the cake with the Thal stars. In the last, a presentation was also detailed to give awareness of the overall management and systematic working of the centre.
Principal BCCG appreciated the worth praising work which is being processed under the umbrella of TPWS and promised them to provide support wherever he himself and the whole BCCG family can do.