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Bakhtawar Cadet College For Girls
Shaheed Benazirabad

( Leaders of Tomorrow )


Cadets' Public Speaking and Argumentative Abilities are Important part of our Grooming

  • 11/25/2021

Leadership is about developing effective communication skills with influencing and logical arguments. To that end inter-house bilingual declamation contest was organized on 19 November 2021 as a way to create a wave of energy among the cadets and to strengthen their communication skills and public speaking abilities.

Each house was represented by two cadets who gave a speech on "Justice delayed, justice denied" in English and "Main Sharminda Hoon Aaj ka insan ho kar", in Urdu respectively. Maruians and Mukhtarians tied for first place, while Elsa Kazi stayed Runner Up. To demonstrate English literature, cadets presented a glorious drama based on William Shakespeare's "Seven ages of man" and to provoke Urdu literature, active cadets performed a hilarious act.