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BCCG remembers martyrs of APS Peshawar

  • 12/17/2021

Some tragedies are so soul searing, so monumental, that their imprint remains permanently etched in the nation’s collective consciousness. The terrorist attack on APS Peshawar seven years ago was precisely such an episode. Bakhtawar Cadet College arranged a ceremony within the premises of college to pay tribute to the young martyrs of Pakistan.

The heart tearing speech, poetry, tableau and song by the cadets portrayed the horrifying image of the catastrophic time. Cadets of class matric have performed a play which depicted how the innocent children lost their lives when TTP militants stormed the school and, in the most horrific orgy of violence imaginable, went from room to room slaughtering students and staff members. The BCCG cadets performance, dialogues and story line was unprecedented. Images of the carnage were displayed by the cadets which vividly described the tender farewells to so many who died far too young .