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Bakhtawar Cadet College For Girls
Shaheed Benazirabad

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  • 01/13/2022

Religion plays vital role in the transformation and strengthening the bonds of soul, body, and with the rest of the universe. To impart balanced religious education and awareness, remains our focus. Besides talks and lectures by experts, we arrange Seerat Conferences by various religious scholars. On the reception of 5th Batch 2021 of BCCG our Principal Dr. Brig (R) M. Amin shared his will of initiating ‘Tafseer Quran’ classes at the campus.

Same was implemented during November 2021, and since then Tafheem-ul-Quran classes are being conducted on daily basis. Not only our cadets, but our Academic Staff / lecturers, and all other staff members take active part in Tafseer Quran sessions. Our vision is not only to impart academic knowledge but also to keep religion on the forefront. Definitely these Tafheem-ul-Quran classes will prove to be a “Game Changer” in the life at campus. In a very noble unique act of kindness and blessings;
madam Ghaza Junaid, mother of one of our Cadet Laiba Junaid gifted 260 most beautiful Quran to facilitate conduct of the classes. May Allah swt accept her most noble act and donation, to reward her in both worlds. Ameen!