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Bakhtawar Cadet College For Girls
Shaheed Benazirabad

( Leaders of Tomorrow )


Inspirational & Incentive Lecture at BCCG:

  • 01/15/2022

Career Counseling of young people at the turning points of their educational pursuits is as important as their academic excellence. It helps them to take correct decisions at the right moments to choose their future professions. Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls aims to prepare the “Female Leaders of Tomorrow”, for the society and serve as nursery for the female military officers. Arranging "Career Counseling and Recruitment in Pakistan Armed Forces" sessions for the cadets with the professionals is an ongoing process. It helps to boost up the confidence and optimism of our cadets for their future endeavors. Pursuing the same, Commander Zafar Iqbal PN, Naval Recruitment & Selection Officer Nawabshah was invited to the College, who delivered a Good Will Interactive Session at BCCG on 14th January, 2022.

The experienced and auspicious speaker had a very illuminating and productive interactive session with cadets at the Jinnah Auditorium. Upon arrival at the College he was welcomed by the Principal and the Chief Cadet Captain. He commenced his lecture by emphasizing to the cadets to be honest with themselves. According to him honesty or truthfulness is core and fundamental facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes, which will be the strongest tool for the Cadets to achieve success. He also highlighted the aspects which are important for selection as Officers in Military Forces; particularly Pakistan Navy. Taking the advantage of the session, Cadets clarified further through Q&A, particularly their queries regarding ISSB and other competitive exams. The guest speaker shared the basic tips and techniques with stress on the fact that life is abundant and beautiful so we should focus on the possibilities for getting success and happiness as a wholesome. At the end worthy Principal Dr. Brig (R) Muhammad Amin, SI (M), thanked the honourable speaker for such a valuable session and presented him the College Memento as a token of honor.