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Bakhtawar Cadet College For Girls
Shaheed Benazirabad

( Leaders of Tomorrow )


BCCG Marked Kashmir Solidarity Day:

  • 02/06/2022

Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed in Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls, Shaheed Benazirabad at Jinnah Auditorium of college. Worthy Principal, Dr Brig (R) Muhammad Amin graced the occasion in the traditional attire of Kashmir, while huge number of Cadets and faculty members attended it with great passion. The magnificent event commenced with the rally presided by Dr Brig (R) Muhammad Amin, Principal Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls.

The enthusiastic rally was composed of all faculty members and Cadets which started from the main entrance of BCCG and led to Jinnah Auditorium, chanting the zealous slogans of Kashmir "Kashmir Bany Gha Pakistan". Patriotic Cadets expressed their love and concern to the Kashmiris through their soulful performances in the college auditorium. While addressing the jam packed audience, Principal BCCG, Dr Brig (R) Muhammed Amin vividly expressed the vow to be with Kashmiri and stated that they are not separate bodies but as a part of our existence.
Cadets highlighted the importance of Kashmir Day and the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people and our contribution in creating narrative sovereignty of Kashmiri people through their zealous speeches. The fervent event emphasized on the creation of narrative to highlight the Kashmir day.
At the end, the worthy Principal appreciated the participation of the Lecturers, Staff and the Cadets. He praised the spirits and motivation demonstrated through speeches, songs and poetry by the Cadets. While highlighting the importance of Kashmir issue, he spoke with reasoning and logic as to why we Pakistanis and Sindhi should be ready to sacrifice our lives for Kashmir. He put a question to the audiences; suppose River Indus dries and there is no water flowing in the River Indus, what will happen to Sindh? Unanimous reply was "Sindh will be a desert and life in Sindh will be non-existent without water". Economy of Sindh will be destroyed. The Principal then advised the Young Female Leaders to unite as one nation, as Pakistanis to fight our worst enemy; India. For your own future generations life security and sustainability, you all must remain focused on how to get Kashmir, and how to liberate Kashmir from Indian atroricties. Remain united as One Nation As Pakistanis, otherwise Kashmir will go away from you all and Sindh shall suffer the most.