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First time in the History of Cadet Colleges BCCG formulates Mother Advisory Committee

  • 03/08/2022

BCCG encourage and foster connected relationship among parents, cadets, teachers, administrators and community. Being the first residential ‘girls cadet college, it gives due pondering on the educational affairs and dealings of young cadets. Being the first in his wisdom and dynamic leadership skills to consider the importance of mother’s participation and involvement in college life, the Principal BCCG, Dr. Brig® Muhammad Amin, SI(M) took a bold and courageous initiative to formulate “ Mother Advisory Committee ’’.

The Mother’s Advisory Committee is comprised of mother representatives of the cadets studying at BCCG. The purpose of formulating the Mothers’ Advisory Committee is to create important feedback loops between parents and college, and to consider ways to improve and enhance the College instructional and operational standards. The prime objective of Committee is "to protect honor and image of the College, Staff and the Cadets by few negative parents and from outside malicious intents or efforts, by taking all actions and steps deemed appropriate". It gives a voice in matters affecting the day-to- day life of BCCG and the overall wellbeing of our cadets.
In this regard, the First Mother Advisory Committee’s meeting was held on Sunday, 06 March 2022, at Principal office, Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls (BCCG) Nawabshah
2. The following attended the meeting:
a. Dr. Brig (R) Muhammad Amin SI (M) Chairman (In-chair)
Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls,
Shaheed Benazirabad
b. Ms Afshan Naseem Secretary
Vice Principal
Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls,
Shaheed Benazirabad
c. Ms Azra Gulab Member
Mother of Cadet Fiza Ali
d. Ms Sobia Junaid Member
Mother of Cadet Areeba Junaid
e. Ms Shahnaz Gul Member
Mother of Cadet Amina Hussain
f. Ms Ghaza Juniad Member
Mother of Cadet Laiba Junaid
g. Ms Zahida Parveen Member
Mother of Cadet Meerub G
h. Ms Farzana Mallah Member
Mother of Cadet Tahreem Aziz
i. Ms. Ambreen Abro In Attendance
Chief Warden, BCCG
The following Agendas came under discussion:
• The Mothers Advisory Committee meeting shall be held once in a month particularly on Parents Visiting Day at college.
• The Committee is responsible to identify the common needs and goals among the parents of cadets enrolled in BCCG and facilitate strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the college.
• The Committee is responsible to provide feedback and insight from the parents’ perspective on college process, policies, initiatives, facilities, programs, and curricular and extra-curricular activities.
• The Committee is responsible to bring to the Principal’s attention existing and emerging issues expressed by parents.
• In case of the meeting at urgency, the college shall bear the transport expenses of the committee members.
• They shall serve as an advisory, not a decision- making body, that makes recommendations, encourages brainstorming and facilitate communication between and among the parents, stake holders and community of Pakistan and serve as a forum for sharing innovations and best practices in education that propel Bakhtawar Cadet College forward as a Leading Female institution in education on local, state, and National level.
At the end, Ms. Farzana Mallah, member of the committee said, “ We are highly thankful to Principal BCCG, Dr. Brig® Muhammad Amin, SI(M) on my selection in Mother’s advisory Committee. Out of three hundred mothers, we are the luckiest mothers as the members of Committee. We have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. InshAllah! We are always with Principal BCCG and the Cadets, the BCCG team and the administration ‘’.
The meeting concluded with a note of thanks and best wishes to and from the chairman.