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Teachers deliver Professional Lectures

  • 06/11/2022

Professional development is a key factor when it comes to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. BCCG is well aware of the fact that Professional development of teachers is essential to achieve and maintain standards of quality education. Ms Aliya Korai, (Lecturer in Physics) delivered a lecture on "Importance of Goals" on 09th June 2022. The main crux of her presentation is to highlight the importance of goals. She emphasizes that it is very important to set goals for being focused, and motivated not merely for the teachers but for the progress of the students as well.

Ms Sabahat (Lecturer in Botany) delivered a lecture on "Motivation to serve the College" on 10th June 2022. She planned an activity and asked the audience to share their thoughts and experiences regarding their motivation to serve the College.
Ms Aqsa Tunio (Lectures in Chemistry) delivered a lecture on "How to Write a Research Paper for Journal Publication" on 11th June 2022. She is enrolled in PhD and has a good grasp on the topic. She stresses that reading research papers allows teachers to experience the modern field of data sciences from a whole new lens.