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Teachers deliver Professional Lectures

  • 06/11/2022

Teachers' learning is a continuous and never-ending process. It promotes teacher’s teaching skills, master novel knowledge; develop better or newer proficiency, which in return assists in improving student’s learning. In this regard BCCG has started the lecture series, so all the staff members can learn and prosper together.
Ms Nida Gill (Lecturer in English) delivered a lecture on "How to engage students in the classroom through different strategies" on 06th June 2022.

While interacting with the Teachers, the speaker emphasizes that teachers need to figure out ways for applicable learning – which actually helps the students in the real world because theoretical learning will help them in gaining marks, but practical learning will help them in life. The main focus of the lecture was to inculcate different teaching methodologies in the class because novelty in the teaching style can give better results.
Ms Shabenoor, Incharge Library delivered a lecture on "Difference between a Cadet College and Government College" on 07th June 2022. The main outcome of her presentation is to highlight the major differences that should be prominent among the Cadets. BCCG as an institution is not merely providing academic education to the Cadets, but also providing best ever military training that can be beneficial for them in their future endeavors.
Ms Wengus Ansari, Lecturer in Pakistan Studies delivered a lecture on "Geostrategic Location of Pakistan" on 08th June 2022. The major crux of her presentation is to highlight the importance and significance of Pakistan as a state.
Principal BCCG, Dr. Brig(R) Muhammad Amin, SI (M) is an ideal blend of an academician, and an administrator. He has completed his Ph.D. in International Relations, M.Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies from National Defence University Beijing. The quality knowledge that was imparted by the Principal regarding the Importance of Geostrategic Location of Pakistan, based on his research and experience was worth appreciating and highly applauded by the staff members.