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Bakhtawar Cadet College For Girls
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Teachers deliver Professional Lectures

  • 06/15/2022

Professional development refers to a wide variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced professional learning that intends to help employees to improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.In this regard, Principal BCCG, Dr.Brig(R) Muhammad Amin, SI (M) introduced a course of professional Lectures. This course is aimed to develop teacher's professional understanding and presentation skills.

Ms Ayesha Amir, (Lecturer in Computer Science) delivered a lecture on "How to Manage Time" on 13th June 2022. She stressed that effective time management increases our focus and improves productivity. Greater focus allows us to capture bigger opportunities. It also allows us to spend more time on the projects, goals, and people that matter.
Ms Urosha Vistro, (Lecturer in Fine Arts) delivered a lecture on 14th June 2022 on the topic "Role of an Artist in a Society". She emphasized that the role of an artist is to contribute to the spirit of all life in all cultures, to share a view that may clarify what others feel or need to feel and to help the world grow. She clarified a common concept that 'artists' don't just draw and paint, they write, dance, make music, teach and heal. After the lecture, a wonderful and mesmerizing poster color activity was planned for the staff members. Every individual had to complete the picture challenge within ten minutes. Ms Afshan Naseem, Vice-Principal (Acd) and Ms Urosha, Lecturer in Fine Arts observed the paintings of the staff members and selected the top three best paintings. The best painters got special prizes.