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Log-in-tech contest organized

  • 01/31/2020

 The department of Information Technology Bakhtawar Cadet College organized Computer Science contest LOGIN-TECH’20 started on 31st January and perorated on 2nd February 2020, where the cadets of BCCG got a great chance to polish their Computer Science/Technology skills. It was the first time that such type of contest was arranged in BCCG. LOGIN-TECH’20 aimed to provide the cadets a platform to show their talent and to prove themselves in the field of computer technology. The contest was divided into four different competitions:

  1. Qwerty champ
  2. Software/Hardware Project
  3. Computer quiz
  4. Speed master

This competition was a source of motivation for the students to equip and boost their computer knowledge, advancement in technology, logical as well as Computer Programming skills.