Youm-e- Takbir Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm

Youm-e- Takbir Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor on 28 May 2024, honoring Pakistan’s historic achievement of becoming a nuclear power on May 28, 1998. The day’s events highlighted the importance of national defense and the role of women in contributing to the nation’s progress.

The event commenced with a tableau, cadets passionately sung national songs and the celebrations also featured compelling speeches by students in Urdu, English and Sindhi.

An educational quiz game was a major highlight of the day, testing the cadets’ knowledge of Pakistan’s history, nuclear science, and significant national achievements.

“Youme Takbir Day is a testament to the resilience and determination of our nation. It is a day to remember the achievements of our scientists and leaders who made this milestone possible. As future leaders, you have a critical role to play in the continued development and defense of our country,”said Principal BCCG Dr. Farida Shaikh, Chief Guest of the event while addressing the audience.